Many caregivers today are also trying to balance work, children, and their own personal lives.  This burden is even more difficult for families who do not live in close proximity to one another.  Plus, being a caregiver is stressful and time-consuming work!  Determining the services your loved one needs, researching the options, calling, interviewing, hiring, and then coordinating and monitoring service providers can be a full time job.

Choice Connections of North Carolina is the help you need.

The Choice Connections of North Carolina team is dedicated to empowering seniors and caregivers to have control over over how and where they live their lives.  Our goal is to help each family coordinate, manage, and simplify their lives.  Our team can provide valuable insights on services and resources available, as well as take over coordination of many of the everyday details, so that caregivers can worry less and have more free time.


Once we have discussed the kinds of assistance your loved one needs, we will connect you with, and help you select appropriate providers*. We will also coordinate their services and ensure that your loved one’s needs are being met.

*Choice Connections of North Carolina only works with companies and individuals who adhere to the highest business and ethical standards.